Paul M. has a pretty labor intensive job and he’s been working out now for several years.  He can eat pretty much what he wants and stay lean.  Don’t you hate that?  What he wanted, though, was to build muscle and despite all his efforts he was having trouble. After just a few sessions with Dan, though, Paul says he’s been able to add nine solid pounds of muscle!
    And here’s the point:  even though he’s in pretty good shape and fairly knowledgeable about exercise, Paul has been able to dramatically increase the effectiveness of his workouts with a minimum amount of time invested in Personal Training here at Snap. During his sessions, Paul said something like “Holy cow, I didn’t know little changes like that would make so much of a difference!"  And "WOW - people really need to learn this stuff if they want to get results!"
    So if you see Paul, ask him how much more intense and result oriented you workouts could be with a little time spent with Dan.
If you see this guy, ask him about training  with Snap’s Lead Fitness Professional!
Recently, upon developing some pictures from a family visit I was shocked and embarrassed by how I’d let myself go.  A good friend suggested we visit a Fitness Center in Hampstead, were we joined and took advantage of the free consultation with Dan.  Dan was great, he gave us so much encouragement and information in the free consultation that my friend Joni and I decided to train with him for about a month.  After a month Dan gave us a program including the exercises we had been doing with him and we continued training on our own but meeting with Dan once a month.  In about three months, wow, what a difference! I’m down from a size 16 to a size 8!  I feel great and I am so proud 
of myself!  I actually enjoy coming to the gym now!  Dan helped make fitness an enjoyable part of my lifestyle – hopefully for the rest of my life!  Snap Fitness, and Dan have been wonderful additions to my life!  Dan’s a miracle worker!  
Ok, close to a miracle worker.  I had to do some hard work and make some changes but the help Dan provided made all the difference.
I used to avoid exercise like the plague.  I strongly recommend Dan's free consultation.

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